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「STRAWBEARY 1st Photo Book」


I was making a photo book for myself but there was a little interest in it, so I decided to open it up for sales. Now, I’m not a professional in anything so it may not be as good as the fansite photo books from the KBanas. But I tried my best. ^^






The photo book is 9” x 7” and 62 pages. It is mostly CNU focused but does include the other members with individual pictures and group pictures. If you are interested in seeing what photos are included, there is a preview video. [here]
*Pictures are subject to change*

There will only be a short period for pre-orders. I know it’s last minute but if I want to keep the prices low, I need to order soon.

Pre-ordering Time Frame: May 11-28, 2014 
(all orders/money must be in 8 pm CST on May 28, 2014)
Cost: $35 + shipping
(USA: $5 - International: please email me for price)

Please use the following order form when pre-ordering:

Name: (Please no nicknames as I will need your real name to mail to)
Paypal or Concealed Cash: (paypal email: strawberrygom@yahoo.com - if using cc, it must be received by the 28th or email to work something out)

When paying by paypal, please make sure to include your mailing/shipping address in the notes.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You may reach me here, on my personal tumblr, or on twitter.

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「B1A4 Who Am I Album proof shots」


There’s a K-Bana who’s collecting the proof shots of the album. She needs the help of us, international fans so we can end this issue.

Tweet your confirmation receipt or your purchased album to 

I think this is a good way for us to be united this time. Not just being involved in a nonsense fanwar (which totally unhealthy).

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What editor do you use?

Editor? For drawing and making gifs?

I draw using PaintTool SAI and then make them into gifs using PhotoShop Elements. ^^

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Oppa´s~~~ would you tell this bana some sexy words son i can keep going with my college work~~~ C:

[Jinyoung] Please

[CNU] Do

[Sandeul] Your

[Baro] Work

[Gongchan] BANA

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